Dental Emergencies

​Aches, breaks, and general dental emergencies can happen at any time. We want you to have the confidence that our experienced team of dental professionals will take care of you when you need us most.


Oak Lane Dental is equipped to handle most types of dental emergencies. Contact our office and we will prioritize your emergency during regular business hours.

I cracked my tooth! What do I do?!

When you first know you have a cracked tooth, immediately clean the cracked area with warm water. Then, soak a towel with cold water and apply it to your face to ease the pain and decrease swelling. Do not take medicine until you have spoken with a medical professional. Call our office immediately to set up an appointment to fix your cracked tooth as soon as possible.

My tooth was knocked out! What should I do?!

When your tooth is knocked out, you want to keep the socket of the tooth as healthy as possible. Keep the area of the tooth moist. Try to put the tooth back into the socket without touching the root of the tooth. If this is not possible, either put your tooth in between your cheek and gums or in a glass of milk.

With your tooth and socket temporarily protected, immediately call our office so our compassionate team can help repair your lost tooth.

Help! I have a throbbing toothache!

Toothaches may be partially alleviated by washing your mouth with warm water. Do not use aspirin on the aching area as it may burn your gum tissue. Gently floss the area to remove any food that might be caught in your teeth and may be causing the problem. I


If your pain continues, contact our office so our team can identify the cause of your toothache.

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