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A Restored Smile and Quality of Life

Regain Confidence With Dental Implants

If you are missing most or all your teeth, you experience every day how difficult it is to live a healthy, functional, and confident life. You don’t look or feel your best, you can’t eat the foods you love, your health is declining. You may even be wondering if there is any hope for regaining your smile and confidence back. At Oak Lane Dental, we want to assure you that this is possible with our full mouth dental implants in Tiffin, OH! You can have your smile and quality of life permanently restored with new teeth and dental implants that look, feel, and function flawlessly.

Dr. Wheeler Explains Why Dental Implants are Important to your Oral Health

Choose the Permanent Teeth Replacement

You have multiple options for replacing your teeth aside from full mouth dental implants. You can choose dentures, but this removable option only restores 10% of dental function and can lead to more health problems later. You can upgrade to implant supported dentures, which will provide greater stability, though the dentures may still need to be removed to clean and need relining or repairs. If you want the closest thing to healthy natural teeth, full arch dental implants are your solution. Designed for permanent durability and function, this solution relies on the strength of four or more dental implants secured in your jawbone.

A strong, life-like zirconia bridge of teeth is then permanently fixed to these implants to restore over 99% of your biting and chewing power. That means you can eat whatever foods you want, boost your health, and feel confident and attractive in a beautiful smile—all from one amazing and life-changing solution. Full mouth dental implants in Tiffin, OH don’t need any additional maintenance outside of daily brushing and flossing, either, so it will be as if you never lost your natural teeth in the first place! At our comprehensive dental practice, we place and restore dental implants, with a treatment process that is straightforward, personalized, and efficient.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Three Phases to a New Smile

Phase One: Consultation and Personalized Treatment

Each patient's situation is unique. Consequently, our team at Oak Lane Dental will work with your unique needs and desires to create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you. This will involve an evaluation, review of your dental and medical history, and diagnostics, including impressions and digital x-rays used to plan your dental implant placement surgery. Because our team has the skills and technology to place and restore your full mouth dental implants in one location, we can also provide an immediate provisional the day of your surgery, so you’ll never be without teeth.

Phase Two: Dental Implant Surgery

Due to the pre-planning of your surgery, your dental implant placement will be efficient and predictable. When you arrive, we’ll first make you comfortable in our surgical suite. This will include sedation dentistry to help you experience a relaxing and pain-free surgery. You may first need to undergo tooth extractions or bone grafting to prepare your mouth for dental implants. Then, we’ll place the dental implants in strategic locations in your jawbone to optimize their long-term function. If primary stability of the implants is achieved, we’ll attach the temporary. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of full arch dental implants immediately!

Phase Three: Healing and Final Restoration

You’ll need three or more months to heal and for the dental implants and your jawbone to integrate. This process ensures that your new prosthesis has the strong, durable foundation needed for optimal function. You’ll return to our office after this healing phase, to have impressions taken that will be used to design and fabricate your new teeth. Made from a solid block of zirconia, this bridge of teeth offers the superior strength and aesthetics comparable to a full set of healthy natural teeth! Designed to be permanent, you can enjoy your full mouth dental implant and restored quality of life for the rest of your life.
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Affordable Financing for Dental Implants

Our full mouth dental implants in Tiffin, OH can provide you with permanent and life-changing improvements to your health, function, and confidence! We never want any patient to avoid this amazing solution due to financial reasons. Our team is here to help you afford your treatment by maximizing any dental insurance benefits and through CareCredit® dental financing. By breaking treatment costs down into manageable monthly payments, many of our patients have easily been able to afford full mouth dental implants—and improved their quality of life as a result! Schedule your Teledentistry or in-person appointment to learn more today.

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