Dental Hygiene

Maintaining Your Oral Health

Regular professional teeth cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist, combined with daily tooth brushing and flossing, is crucial to maintaining long-term oral health. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar that can build up even if you are regularly brushing and flossing. Having a dental professional regularly examine your mouth also protects you from tooth loss and gum disease, keeping your smile healthy for years to come. 

As your family dentist, Oak Lane Dental offers routine teeth cleaning. Our dedicated and compassionate team are regularly trained on the latest techniques and technologies to provide you and yours with the best dental care possible. These cutting edge techniques and technology enable our medical professionals to thoroughly clean your teeth above and below the gumline. To ensure your care doesn't break your bank, we accept most insurances and financing through CareCredit.

How often should I have a professional cleaning?

To maintain oral health, most patients require a thorough dental hygiene appointment two times a year as prescribed by a dentist. Patients who suffer from periodontal disease may need more frequent care. 


What should I expect during a teeth cleaning?

When you come into Oak Lane Dental, your regular teeth cleaning is a painless procedures that last between 30 minutes and an hour. The first part of the cleaning involves removing the plaque and tartar from above the gumline. This can take upwards of 30 minutes. The hygienist will then polish your teeth. This removes stains, removes additional plaque accumulation, and reduces future problems with any fillings you may have. It makes your smile shine. We then floss your teeth and give you a strengthening fluoride treatment. At the end of the appointment, a dentist will give you an examination. If there is a further need, an additional appointment may be set up. 


What are the benefits of a routine cleaning?

Aside from a brighter smile, a routine teeth cleaning protects you from larger oral issues, like gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth decay. A regular teeth cleaning allows your dentist to spot early signs of teeth or gum issues, so you don’t have the expensive cost of more extensive dental procedures, such as periodontal treatment or oral surgery.

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