Our Patients' Partner

Dental Hygienists are a critical part of our Oak Lane Dental team at every practice. Hygienists spend more time with the patient than any other team member. Consequently, Hygienists work closely with our Dentist Practitioners to provide patient oriented care and an experience worth raving about. Hygienists' responsibilities include patient screening procedures, working with our Dentist Practitioners to teach patients correct oral health practices, and provide empathetic and sympathetic patient care. 

At Oak Lane Dental, we strive to offer our Hygienists, and all other members of our team, the best technology, training, and practices in dentistry to ensure the best possible patient experience. We invest in each of our Hygienist's continuing education and provide additional opportunities as mentors and leaders within our hygiene teams.

We look for hygienists who communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, possess a working knowledge of dentistry and associated terms, and ably form meaningful, lasting relationships with our patients. 

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